Bangling Marketing!

Why Hello There!

I’m Jonathan Bangle.


I Know Lots About You.

I know we haven’t met or spoken yet, but I know how you landed to our company’s website.

You might have been looking for a way to increase your search engine presence. If not, I understand you want to improve your social media metrics, or I guess you just want to ask someone about search engine optimisation and marketing.

You’ve come to the right place!

I began this business with Joanna Bangle and Marc Bangle when we were still in college back in Cambridge.

What was once a college of business project for creating websites and improving marketing competition has now turned into something we didn’t expect.

Now, our business has moved to Northampton, Leicester and Derbyshire, aside from our first branch in Cambridge!

We began in 2005, as a mock-up marketing company for business of college majors. These individuals then turned into legitimate companies in the real world. Their word-of-mouth about our marketing strategies and insight had proven invaluable for our business.

Now, me and my siblings are handling over 50 international online accounts for marketing and online advertising, research, competition strategy, key business and selective online marketing tagging and more.

I know we may not have all the answers for your online marketing needs. But our partners in Marketing by RM Cambridge and our Cambridge team could definitely give you a clue as to how to find it!

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